Ideas For Using Landscaping Rocks As An Alternative To A Grass Lawn

If you're tired of mowing grass and maintaining a mower, you might be looking for grass alternatives for your yard. Artificial turf could be one option, but a more attractive and natural choice is landscaping rocks. There are many sizes and shapes of rocks, so you can create the look you want, and rocks need no care at all as long as you put down a weed barrier first. Here are some ideas for using rocks when you're eliminating grass from your yard.

Use Pebbles As A Lawn Covering

An easy option is to cover your lawn with attractive river pebbles. You could even opt for white gravel, but pebbles are a little more attractive. The existing grass has to be stripped off and then weed barrier fabric is put down. Then you can spread the pebbles out over the lawn and you'll have a yard that is completely maintenance free. This option requires a lot of rocks, so give the dimension of your yard to the landscaping center so they can calculate the size of your order.

Find a place where you can have the rocks delivered that's in compliance with codes, and then you can move the rocks around with a wheelbarrow to where they're needed. DIY installation of a rock lawn is a lot of work, but it's good exercise, and once it's done, you won't have to worry about lawn care again.

Use Flagstone For Walking Paths

Instead of wasting your yard on grass you hate to grow and take care of, consider putting in raised beds and growing vegetables and flowers. Rows of raised beds are attractive and useful too since you can grow your own food. Rather than having grass between the beds you still have to mow, put down flagstone rocks as stepping stones and fill in the gaps between them pea gravel or river rock. A yard filled with raised beds and walking paths leaves no room for grass yet still looks attractive since the stones and rocks add a bit of glamour.

Use Rocks And Stones To Create A Beautiful Garden

You can use rocks and stones to create a fire pit and lounging area that's surrounded by a relaxing rock garden. With a little creativity and some hard work, you can make a beautiful oasis with a stream, waterfall, colorful flowers in pots, and succulents growing from a rock garden. Use large rocks to create borders and small rocks to cover the soil for variety in size and texture to make the space look like something found in nature. Visit a landscaping center to spark your imagination and arrange to have your selection of landscaping rocks delivered for your convenience from a company such as Portland Sand & Gravel Co Inc. Just be sure the large rocks you choose are small enough for you to lift and arrange in your garden oasis.