Battery Recycling: Why It’s So Important

Why is battery recycling so important? Should you be recycling batteries? Are car batteries the only ones you recycle, or are all batteries, from the tiny watch styles to the larger ones in toys, be recycled as well? Battery recycling: it's important, and you should know why. Here are a few reasons why you should consider recycling batteries at your local recycling plant.

You can make money in the effort

Did you know that if you recycle your used car batteries and other batteries, you can make money off your contribution? You don't even have to go all the way to the recycling plant to get rid of your old batteries, you can simply trade your old battery in when you get a new one at the auto shop to get a discount on your purchase or a credit on a new battery. A single car battery can be worth $10 or even more at a recycling plant or other facility, so it's worth it to take that leaking old battery into the recycling center. The more batteries you have to recycle, the better.

You can save the ozone

The reason why battery recycling is so important is this: a single battery left in a landfill is toxic to the environment and affects the ozone negatively. The acid in batteries can erode even hard surfaces, like cement. Other toxins can leak out of a faulty battery and even a single battery can cause pollution. A lithium battery can even explode if it's met with flames or given enough pressure. This is part of the reason why batteries are not allowed in landfills and have to be disposed of properly and professionally.

You can obey the laws

It's against law to put certain items in landfills, and batteries are at the top of the list in some states. Since batteries can be considered potentially hazardous, some states — like California and Utah — require batteries to be recycled. Some alkaline batteries can be disposed of in the trash, but always speak to a recycling specialist or check the federal guidelines for disposing of more serious batteries, like lithium or car batteries, before throwing them away.

Your local recycling center will let you know what the laws are regarding battery recycling, and can help you dispose of your batteries properly. Not only are you doing an environmental service in doing so, but you are also potentially making money in doing so as well. If you need more information about recycling batteries, contact a local recycling center.