Disposing Of Your Scrap Metal

Many homeowners and businesses will find themselves with sizable amounts of scrap metal that they will need to dispose of. Luckily, disposing scrap metal does not have to be a challenging task as you will always have the option of recycling these metals. Discover the benefits of doing this. Reduce Your Impact on The Environment An important benefit of recycling metal will be that you can reduce the impact that your activities have on the environment. Read More 

Tips For Recycling Car Batteries

If you are looking at some car batteries you have lying around your garage and you want them removed from your property, something that you should know is that you can't just throw them away. The contents inside the battery casing makes them illegal to throw away, but good news is that you can recycle them for cash. In fact, some people try to get their hands on as many car batteries as possible, so they can recycle them for a good sum of cash. Read More 

2 Ways To Help Get The Best Price Possible On Scrap Metal

If you are looking for a way to get some extra money, one of the things that you can do is to sell scrap metal. Depending on what kind of metal you get and how much of it you have, you can add in some extra money to your budget and make your money go further. But if you are going to collect scrap metal, you want to make sure that you are doing everything possible in order to get the metal that you need and the best price possible. Read More 

Ideas For Using Landscaping Rocks As An Alternative To A Grass Lawn

If you're tired of mowing grass and maintaining a mower, you might be looking for grass alternatives for your yard. Artificial turf could be one option, but a more attractive and natural choice is landscaping rocks. There are many sizes and shapes of rocks, so you can create the look you want, and rocks need no care at all as long as you put down a weed barrier first. Here are some ideas for using rocks when you're eliminating grass from your yard. Read More 

How To Improve Employee Compliance With Your Company Recycling Strategies

When you run a large business, an important aspect of your company is how you produce and manage waste within your facility. From the packaging used for any materials you need in production to the way your cafeteria manages waste, employee compliance with your waste stream management is often a big factor in the success of your system. For many companies, despite having a solid system in place to recycle materials, getting employees to follow the system is difficult. Read More