4 Ways High School Teachers Can Encourage Can & Bottle Recycling

When students enter high school, the dynamics of the lunchroom can dramatically change. Teens can choose what they want for lunch and have more freedom on the beverage options that they purchase and consume. These purchases include bottles and cans that should always be recycled but often end up in the regular trash. Instead of letting bottles and cans go to waste, there are four ways that teachers and school administrators can encourage recycling of these products. Read More 

Waste Management For Medical Institutions: What Goes Where?

If you're opening a new medical clinic or laboratory, establishing a smart, safe routine for disposing of your trash should be at the top of your to-do list. Some items should be handled as non-renewable garbage or even toxic waste, while others can be recycled or reused. Here are some sensible strategies for dealing with different kinds of materials. Paperwork and Supplies Much of the standard garbage produced in medical facilities can be disposed of through normal methods, including recycling. Read More 

Restaurateurs: Five Tips For Getting The Stink Out Of Your Garbage

When guests walk by your restaurant, you want them to be greeted by the wafting odors of osso bucco, duck confit or fried mozzarella sticks not the odor of garbage. However, when you are running a busy restaurant that likely throws out bags and bags of garbage every day, keeping those odors under control before commercial trash removal can be a challenge. Luckily, there are things you can do to eliminate odors from your garbage cans and dumpster – check out these tips: Read More 

Want To Recycle Scrap Metal To Earn Extra Income? 3 Steps For Success

The only thing better than earning a few extra dollars is earning that cash while helping the environment. You can earn money while eliminating waste that would end up in the earth's overflowing landfills by recycling scrap metal. Recycling scrap metal is a simple process once you know what types of metals to look for, where you can find it, and where to take it. Follow these tips and you may find out that you have a natural knack as a part-time metal recycler. Read More 

Cooking Oil And The Environment: Why It’s Better To Recycled Your Used Cooking Fat

When you think of recycling, your mind probably jumps to plastic bottles or used paper. However, there is one aspect of recycling that not a lot of people know they can take advantage of: recycling cooking grease. Cooking oils and fats have a larger impact on the environment than you may realize. You can take one more step further into going green and caring about the earth by taking the time to send your oil and grease to a recycling plant. Read More